Friday, October 30, 2009

Last chance to see the Farmer's Museum

For a while anyway. Their regular season ends Saturday. I find myself already looking forward to 'sugaring off' (aka. pancake breakfast with real maple syrup) in the spring.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Fri 30 Oct 2009, Halloween Hop 7-9pm. Dance the night away with DJ Frankie Frank White. Refreshments served, costumes optional. $2 admission. Sponsored by The Arc Otsego. Asa C. Allison Municipal Bldg, 4 Academy St. Oneonta. Info: 432-8595,

Koresh Dance Company Open Rehearsal, Fri 30 Oct at 5:30pm, free admission, Goodrich Theater, Fine Arts Building, State University College at Oneonta.

7pm Fri at the Green Toad Bookstore, Spooky tales, frivolous fun, paranormal treasure hunt, 198 Main St. Oneonta, NY 13820, 607-433-8898.

Haunted Halloween Trains are nearly sold out! Fri and Sat 6pm

11 am Sat is the 2009 Gift of Life Kidney Walk at 1 Ravine Parkway Oneonta, NY, call 518 533-7883.

Sat 31 Oct, 11am Creepy crawly creatures' program at Sherburne Environmental Center. Info: 674-4017.

In Oneonta Saturday: Farmers Market, 9am-2pm. Trick or Treating on Main Street 3-6pm, with over 35 participating downtown businesses. Participating stores will be marked with an orange Halloween poster in their store front window. The Halloween Parade on Main Street is at 7pm. For Trick or Treating info: 434-6755,

Halloween in Stamford: Fun party, bonfire, scary stuff, eerie music and costume competition. Fun for all ages. 5 - 8 pm. At the Stamford Fire Hall, Stamford, NY.

Looking ahead:

Volunteers needed, no experience necessary: The Lord's Table, 18 Elm St, Oneonta, a feeding program, has been running short on volunteers at a time when the community needs this service more than ever. If you are able, do lend a hand. Call 432-3558 for details.

Paintfest is Saturday Nov 14th, bringing washable fun for the whole family! Children and their grown-ups are invited to join us to paint in fun, creative and unexpected ways from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at The ARC, Oneonta Day Services, 63 Lower River Street, Oneonta. 5$ suggested donation. Vote for your principal at There will also be workshops available, I just don't have the details at my fingertips (and it's late!).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Interview with Jason Corrigan

As promised here is a statement from Oneonta Mayoral candidate Jason Corrigan, regarding programs and activities such as OWL:

"Thank you for your consideration in this matter. As mayor, I look to expand off of a number of current opportunities that exist within our community, as I believe we have a decent base of attraction that can be improved."

"I look at several programs that exist and look to either promote them to a larger extent, or to expand off of their success in order to increase tourism and community activities for our community members. For example, with the addition of the Foothills Performing Arts Center, I have already worked with their director, and have taken the initiative to speak with officials from Madison Square Garden Productions. Together, I look to bring in mainstream music and theater productions to provide additional areas of entertainment for our community, increase foot traffic and revenue downtown, and to market our community to the greater New York region."

"As for programs that I believe we can expand on, I attended our summer balloon festival and believe that there is a lot more we can do to bring in more tourists, while making the event more exciting for our residents. Where I grew up, there is an annual balloon festival that takes place in Glens Falls, NY. My family and I often attended the event, and it was very impressive as far as how many balloons were present, as well as how many local businesses were hands on in promoting their community. "

"I believe we can market this event even further so that we can reach more residents in central and upstate New York. As mayor, I would look to expand this program for an entire weekend, establishing space that allows families to camp out in Neawha Park for the weekend, granting them the opportunity to share an exciting weekend with their loved ones."

"In addition to this, I see an opportunity in expanding off of our summer baseball leagues, and creating a summer soccer league program. In Clifton Park, there is an annual soccer tournament where families as far as Italy come for the weekend, and spend their time and money in the community. I think this would be an excellent opportunity for Oneonta, as again, we would be able to increase our revenue and foot traffic, but this would also create an opportunity for our community's families to enjoy this sport with our children participating and their parents supporting them."

"Overall, these are just a few of many opportunities that we can explore. As mayor, I will be open for any suggestion or point of interest that would benefit our community and the families within our community. This is an excellent place to live and it is no coincidence that it has become my first "adult" home away from the place I grew up. I look forward to working with everyone in our community so that we, as a community of one, can create the environment that we see fit for our needs and others."

Thank you sincerely,

Jason Corrigan

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OWL speaks with mayoral candidate

One of our board members, Aaron Sorenson, recently contacted Dick Miller, candidate for Mayor of Oneonta. The following statement represents Dick's official position with regard to Oneonta World of Learning (OWL).

"I am aware of OWL and support your efforts. I believe, in the new economy, that families, neighborhoods, and communities will become more important. America has lived in an unsustainable world of two parents working, pre-schools, childcare, easy credit, two homes, expensive vacations, etc. Our economy's contraction, which I believe is permanent, has the unintended positive consequence of making our nearby environment more important to us."

"Oneonta's nature is such that it will be easier for us than most communities to advantage ourselves in this changing world. We are big enough, but not too big. There are few class distinctions. "Community" is already real here. We have only to enjoy it and expand upon it. Your efforts are completely compatible with that."

"A word of caution. The community is dealing with underfunded NSHOF and Foothills. We have to be careful, in considering new initiatives, to not get out ahead of realistic funding hopes. I will work with and support you in the spirit expressed above."

We are still hoping to gather statements from Dick's competitors, Jason Corrigan and Erik Miller.

Paint your principal!

Students from Center Street, Riverside, Greater Plains, and Valleyview can vote for their principal, and the principal with the most votes will be painted by the children at Paintfest, Nov 14th, 2009.

Cast your vote here! Vote early, vote often!

Details about Paintfest:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

State of the Kid

I found the results of this survey, which asked kids a short list of questions about their thoughts and feelings, interesting: State of the Kid.pdf.

Among children surveyed, the most common complaints, when asked what their biggest problems were, related to schoolwork (23.4%). The survey also pointed out that children really admire their friends, and seemed to stress the impact of peer groups on children. On a positive note, 72.4% of children felt they got to spend plenty of time with their parents, although older childen were a little less satisfied with the amount of time.

Some of the answers to 'what would you tell the new president' were really cute! But the quote I will share, from one of the consulting editors of Highlights magazine, directly relates to the mission of Oneonta World of Learning (enriching the lives of children and their grownups through play):

“Today’s parents and kids both describe feeling stressed. Both
need to be reminded that play and fun are very, very important.”
~ Dr. Istar Schwager

Worcester school closed, swine flu suspected

147 students (out of 410) and ten teachers were absent from Worcester school Wednesday with flu like symptoms (holy cow!). There were two confirmed cases of, you guessed it, H1N1. Looks like we may all catch it and develop a natural immunity before the vaccine becomes available locally.

The Daily Star ran a very short story on the Worcester school situation. And here is a little more in depth coverage of community preparations in general.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Climate Action Day in Morris

Here's a picture from the Climate Action Day protest in Morris NY, this morning.

See all the pictures at, or see pictures from protest worldwide at

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Many thanks to New York Central Radio Group

I have yet to thank one of our most important supporters. New York Central Radio Group provided on-air promotions of our "Science Saturday" and "Hogwarts and Hartwick" events. Until I started promoting our own events, I never realized the huge impact that friendly and supportive media outlets provide for a community.

I've heard it said that reporters and the news media 'make the news.' In another sense, they also make the community. Thanks!
When it rains it pours. Yet another thing to do this weekend. If any of you are bored it will not be my fault. I just cut and pasted this:

Second Annual Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree October 24th, 10-8



· Pumpkin Carving area on site


· The Pumpkin Bandits

· Papa's Little Hillbilly Express

· Delhi Fire Department

· A costume parade with prizes

· FOOD by Twee Dee Treats

Bring your pumpkin entries for mini, giant, most unique and best Jack-O-Lantern

Families and Groups are encouraged to bring carved pumpkins

or come and carve on the farm.

Help set a local record!

Farm Fun & Pumpkin Carving 10-5

Punkin' Chunkin' demos 11-3

Fireside Songs & Stories with Uncle Rock 5-6

Costume Parade 6:30

JACK O LANTERN lighting at 7pm !

Light up the night October 24th

Call 746-8866 or email us at

to find out how you can be part of the fun.

2066 County Hwy 18

Delhi, New York

I really thought I was done. But don't Forget Main Street Oneonta's Fundraising Auction Fri at the Foothills Peforming Arts Center, Market Street, Oneonta. Preview at 5 pm; Auction begins at 5:30 pm. Details at
And one more thing: Halloween Party Oct 25th, 4-7pm, Methodist Church at 66 Chestnut St, Oneonta. Dinner provided, bring a pumpkin to carve. Games and Halloween activities, show off your costume, call 607-432-4102 for details.
I shouldn't post events before checking Facebook. Here's more:

"Things That Go Bump In The Night" tours at the Farmer's Museum begin this weekend. Details at

Country Thyme Gifts Fall Fest, 247 Hawks Rd, New Berlin, NY 10am-10pm, crafts, wine tasting, BBQ, Haunted Trail after dark ($3 donation for the trail).

Weekend events: Halloween is starting early

I don't know what a grand balloon display is, but if you stop by ISD, 98 Chestnut St, in Oneonta NY on Fri Oct 23, there will be a grand balloon display in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

This Saturday is Climate Action Day! In Morris NY, join locals at 17 Church St (United Methodist Church) for a walk to the fairgrounds, where there will be speeches and a group photo to be shared on the website, details: In Oneonta, head to Muller Plaza, Main St Oneonta, at 2pm, details: Option three, find or organize an event near you at

Sat 24 Oct, 9:30am - 3pm, Annual Homecoming Craft Fair at SUNY Oneonta, Ravine Parkway, Oneonta NY. Info: call 607 436-3722 or email

Sat Oct 24th, 7:30pm Catskill Choral Society Concert: Joseph Haydn's Missa Cellensis in Honorem, 66 Chestnut St. Oneonta. By the way, 66 Chestnut St is the Methodist Church with all the scaffolding on the outside. It's beautiful inside and a great venue for concerts.

Sun 25 Oct 2009 Halloween at Southside Mall, Oneonta. Spooky Story Reading followed by Trick-or-Treating. Bounce in the Bounce House. Costume Contest Registration begins at 1 pm.
2:30 Costume Contest Judging & Winners. For info:

Sun 25 Oct at 3pm, Local Musicians perform live at Green Toad Bookstore, 198 Main St. Oneonta. Details:

Sat and sun Oct 25-26, 1-4pm or by appointment, Bullthistle Model Railroad Society Inc. Museum, 33 Rexford St, Norwich, info 334-4522.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No more making fun of Oneonta and Norwich

Now, there have been drug-related arrests in Morris school, yes, in the school. Just part of a normal school day, I guess. While I'm glad the police are doing their job, I hate the necessity of it.

I just started reading Charlotte's Web to my son--yes, I know, the little pig dies. I hope it won't scar him for life. Anyway, in chapter 1, Fern's big brother Avery heads off to school with "an air rifle in one hand, a wooden dagger in the other."

Times have changed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drum roll...

From Jason Curley:

Thanks to all Muggles involved in the Hogwarts & Hartwick, Feast and Concert, we were able to raise, after all costs, a total of $650 for the Oneonta World of Learning in ONE EVENING.

There were so many contributors…..I am just truly grateful for the overwhelming support from Hartwick College, OWL, UMC, CVWE, and Oneonta.

This could not have succeeded without all of our positive energy and determination.

Now let’s take the momentum and this investment to bring OWL into the community!!

Peace through music,

Jason Leo Curley

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hogwarts WOW!

I have to say, I was blown away by the Hogwart's and Hartwick event tonight. So much energy and enthusiasm went into every detail. The food was good, and while the meal started a little bit late, we were entertained throughout with door prizes, the costume contest and the Hartwick professors in their Harry Potter costumes. After the feast, were were all given hand painted gift bags filled by the First United Methodist youth as well as the opportunity to pick out any of the Harry Potter books not already on the book case at home. But the concert was the best part. We made it nearly to the end before I took the boys to the nursery, in their capes and still carrying their magic wands of course. They made very little fuss about going to bed tonight!

I would really like to thank Jason Curley, of the Hartwick Music Department, for his tireless efforts in carrying off the event. Also, I thought I would reprint some of the special thanks Lisa Jo Bezner, children's ministries coordinator at First United Methodist, expressed:

She wished to thank Sy Lloyd, Kathy Wolverton, Cat Littlehale, Teressa Sivers, Ken Baldwin, Stefani Paluch, Lucille Wiggin, Evie Sessions, Lynn Domina and Kip Stratton as well as some local businesses including Knitting It All Together, Green Toad Bookstore, and Latte Lounge, and Scholastic (for donating the books).

The event benefitted FUMC Childrens Ministries and Oneonta World of Learning (OWL).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My son wants to be a kidney bean for Halloween

He's only four and I have no idea where he got the idea, but he has consistently asked to be a kidney bean for Halloween for almost a month now. Too funny! We did walk around looking at the other costumes out there. I even suggested Sponge Bob (a desperate move--I am not a fan). Well, if it's a kidney bean he wants....

My sister in law suggested making a bean shaped sandwich board out of cardboard, and covering it with a burgundy bed sheet (I suppose I can sew a little tube out of it that can go over the cardboard and bunch together at the neck and the legs). Now where to put the white dot? I'll keep you posted. I hope he likes it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

At last! The weekend:

The internet was out at our house yesterday! Needless to say, I had very little time to throw this together:

The premier event this weekend: Sat Oct 10, 2009, 11 am - 6 pm, 7-10 pm St. Mary's School Fall Family Festival, 5588 State Route 7, Oneonta, NY 13820

Of course, I will be at Wightman's Open House on Sat. The children's activity: rubber-band-powered cars. The band: Just Throw Money. .

Also Sat, noon-4pm, Jessica Dresser Family Fundraiser--Enjoy Bounce houses, music, face painting, food, games, chinese auction, 6th. Ward Booster Club, Scrambling Ave, Oneonta. Raindate: 10/17/09 For info: 432-6084

Interesting: Hanford Mills Museum Workshop: Intro to woodlot management, County Route 12, East Meredith, NY 13757, 10am - noon, Oct 10.

YUMMY: Waffles & Puppets at Brewery Ommegang, 656 County Hwy 33, Cooperstown, info (800) 544 1809, Oct 10, noon - 5 pm

1pm Sat: Train robbery!

Sunday Brunch at Fable, 1211 Kelso Road, East Meredith , NY 13757, Info: 607-278-5800 Sponsor: Stone & Thistle Farm.

If you're going to be driving about looking at the fall foilage anyway: Fall Festival Craft Show! Oct 10th and 11th (10am-4pm)Free addmission, At Maple Ski Ridge (got this from Twitter!)

Sun Oct 11, 1 - 10 pm FIDDLERS! 16 An annual autumn tradition in the Catskills. A full day of great fiddling acts, jam session, square dance, food, fun and friends. Featuring April Verch; Kevin Burke & Cal Scott; Jackie Hobbs; and Hilt Kelly and the Sidekicks. This year will also feature a fine crafts fair courtesy of the Catskill Artisan's Guild.

Thank you for making this easy (easier)!

Looking ahead:

Wed Oct 4, 10 am La Leche League breast-feeding information group, Oneonta's First United Methodist Church, corner of Chestnut and Church streets. For info: Kate Seeley, 432-5984.

Next weekend:

Science Saturdays return with "Biology and DNA Testing!" Activities for ages 2 and up, workshops for ages 5-13 Details and registration at

Hartwick and Hogwarts: 4-7pm, Sat,Oct 17. The dinner starts with sorting the guests into their 'houses' at 4pm, followed by concert at 6pm. Hartwick faculty will be dressed in Harry Potter costumes. (I'll get the link to you as soon as I get the poster posted--again, the internet was down last night.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun at the Pit run

After the Fun Run, kids at the Pit Run today had the opportunity to explore inclined planes and the effects of surface friction and rotation when Oneonta World of Learning unveiled another simple exhibit, this one featuring various race tracks. Our craft was a good one for a rainy day (next week will probably present a great rainy day opportunity!):
Cereal Box Marble Race Track:

You will need one cereal box, one marble, three toilet paper tubes, tape (packing tape works well) and scissors.

1. Cut the front off of a cereal box.
2. Take each of the tp tubes and notch out the top of one end.
3. Tape the first tp tube near the top of the box, at an angle, so that a marble can be dropped in through the notch at one end and will roll out the other end.
4. Help your child figure out where to position the next tp tube, so that the marble will fall into it and roll further along.
5. Place the third tp tube below the second, completing the race track.
6. We also cut a hole at the top of the box, so that the marble could be dropped through the top of the box into the track.
7. My son insisted we put a cover over the front so he can open and close his race track.
8. An optional fourth tp tube, cut in half, made a good tray at the bottom to catch the marble at the end. Another option would be to leave a little lip at the bottom of the box so that the marbles don't roll right out.
The Pit Run is a great event for runners of all abilities, whether you are working on your personal best time or a professionally best time, you'll find other runners in your general skill level. If you missed out this year, be sure to put it on the calendar for next year:

My only remaining dilemma: how to get this OWL tattoo off my cheek before work tomorrow (what was I thinking? It was the boys' idea.)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another week gone by

I can't believe another week has gone by. I hope to catch up on some sleep this weekend and make a decision whether or not to give my son the swine flu vaccine. But I will make it to the Pitt Run Sunday!

Fri-Sun, the Green Toad Bookstore is having a "Move it or Lose it Sale", 198 Main St, Oneonta. I suppose that's almost an add, but I love bookstores!

Sat Oct 3, The Oneonta Farmers Market presents Beer & Blues Customer Appreciation Day, music and free samplings of potato beer soup, 9am-2pm, Muller Plaza, Main St. Oneonta.

Also Sat, The Catskill Symphony Orchestra presents "Live Music: Russo Returns!" at the SUNY Oneonta Hunt Union Ballroom, Oneonta, NY. Info 607 436-2670,, 8pm

The Pitt Run is Sunday Oct 11th, (which is sponsored in part by my new employer, NYCM Insurance, btw). Oneonta World of Learning (OWL) has been invited to provide children's activities during the event, once again. The kids can all participate in the children's races and then build marble race tracks with us. (If you think of it, grab those extra tp and paper towel rolls, and empty cereal boxes for us). The event is from 9am-noon. The children's activities are free. Details at

That's it!

Looking ahead:

The Science Discovery Center and Oneonta World of Learning present "Biology and DNA Testing!" Activities for ages 2 and up, workshops for ages 5-13 Details and registration at